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Stephen Appiah Recounts How He Was Underrated When He Was Growing Up

At a point in every person’s life, there’s always someone or a group of persons who simply will not buy into your dreams when growing up.

Most people especially family and friends will want to pull you down simply because they see your dreams and ambitions as unrealistic.

Name any great person in history and I will tell you that he or she faced such negative energy when they were growing up.

One of Ghana’s finest footballers, Stephen Appiah has taken to his social media platforms to recount how he was underrated When he was growing up.

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The former captain of the Black Stars of Ghana posted a very nice photo of himself and left an encoded message as its heading.

He captioned the photo: “At first nobody believed in me, now they can’t believe it’s me! The Tornado is officially here”.

His message has been well received judging from the comments that were left under it. Many people are using it as a motivation to keep pushing for the realization of their dreams.

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Stephen Appiah is one of the most successful footballers the country has ever produced. He led the nation to qualify for its first world cup in 2006.

He also played for top clubs in Europe including Juventus and Fernabache in Italy and Turkey respectively.


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