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Stay Away From Jobless Girls With High Taste If You Want To Grow – Men Told

It’s 2022 and we are still here talking about relationship and the ideal woman or man to have in your life. Many people have had their choices based on certain criteria they set for themselves.

Whiles majority of people will want to be with someone who will help them improve, others have no time to look for the possibility of prosperity when they enter into a relationship.

But in a whole, the overwhelming majority enter into relationships with the primary goal of improving. Many relationship experts have tried getting a relationship advice that will work for all but the task is as daunting as getting a camel through a needle’s hole.

A point worthy of mentioning is that, most women seems to have high specs when it comes to relationship and dating. They look out for men who can fund their soap opera lifestyles. But men are a bit different in thinking.

One business man has however given a valuable relationship advice to men that will be a guide for them going forward in their relationships and dating life. Taking to micro blogging platform, Twitter the man wrote that, for a man to become successful, you have to stay faraway from jobless women with high taste.

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He tweeted: “Guys, if you want to go far in life and in your career, by all means stay faraway from jobless ladies with high taste.”

Relationship advice

His advice was taken in good faith as majority of the men trooped to his comments box to show their support. Some also gave other red flags for men to consider when going into a relationship with a woman to be able to detect a golddigger from the onset.

The reality is that many ladies have nothing productive doing to earn a living. Perhaps the only thing most of them can truly boast of is their bodies which is in essence, is not a job opportunity or an asset.

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These set of ladies have set a standard for themselves and they have taste for exotic things. Things they can’t afford themselves for that matter.

They make sure they grab the richest man available to be funding these superfluous lifestyles for them. These are the attitudes of women that will surely bring down a man when you’re starting up in your career.

To stay safe, you must stay away from those kind of ladies. Living below or within your means is a sensible thing every human being must have. You will always struggle financially if you don’t know how to live within your means.


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