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Some People Are Married To Their Ɛnemies – Man Gives Reasons

Marriage is one of the many human institutions erected to make meaning out of life. It’s a very sacred institution that perpetuates human existence on earth. And as such it is held in very high esteem in our societies.

There are scriptural verses that support the idea of marriage and all the major abrahamic religions have backed marriage as an idea propounded by God himself to see to the continues existence of the human race.

Many people who attain the age of marriage and are still single are never regarded highly in the society in which they live. Many who have reached marriage age and are still single fall on pastors, mallams and others purported to have some powers to help them get partners.

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Marriage was all joy in time past. But recently, the institution of marriage is gradually losing its relevance. The one-time joyous marriage is beginning to turn to a nightmare for the couples nowadays.

Domestic v!olence has been on the rise in modern day marital homes. Either partners fall victims to this. This is just one of the reasons why many people are shying away from marriage recently.

A man has taken to his social media handle to make it known that there are a lot of people who are literally married to their ɛnemies. He explained further that marriage is supposed to bring one joy and happiness but not constant pa!n.

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Many of his followers agreed with him and also commented to fully support his view. Many of his followers even went ahead to suggest that it is better for one to remain single that to get married to an ɛnemy.

The constant abusɛ in these marriages has prompted the post and from the testimonies shared, one can conclude that many in marriages are just there to fulfill God’s will but have never enjoyed their marriages.

Some people are married to their enemies


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