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Some Of Us Are Becoming The Men We Wanted To Marry – Feminist Shares Her Opinion

Feminism is on the rise and each passing day, there are a number of people who come out as feminists and flaunt their new tag with pride.

Feminism has become a very important topic in a number of discussions worldwide. Feminists are both men and women but women, of course, are the majority in terms of the total number of feminists in the world.

Inspite of the growing popularity of feminism among the world’s population, majority of latter-day feminists misconstrue the real intention of feminism. Some of them have turn to men hatɛrs and exhibit that in all their dealings.

They harbour so much disdain for the male gender and don’t allow an opportunity to bash men pass them by. They blame men for all the predicament of the ƒemale gender.

In Africa, for example, many latter-day feminists claim that they don’t need men for anything in this world. Others have equated themselves to the level of men and have assumed the role of men in most of their relationships.

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This approach however, has proven to be counter productive as most of them struggle to maintain a working relationship owing to their tough stand on relationships and marriage.

One of such feminists who also happens to be a reality show star, Tacha of BBNAija fame has taken to her Twitter handle to write that some of them are becoming the men they wanted to marry.

This sounds ridiculous and the number of comments that accompanied the post is a testament to the unpopular nature of the statement. Many have trooped to her comments section to leave their opinion on her tweet.

The ideal man of the average lady is the one who will be able to provide for the family, take care of all the insatiable needs of the woman and be able to take the woman on a vacation to the Bahamas.

Any man who is not able to provide this and more to a woman is considered as not being the ideal man. The feminists are silent on the demands though.

Tacha’s message is probably to tell the whole world that she can take care of herself just like how the man she wanted to marry would have.

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She’s well to do and can sponsor her own lavish lifestyle and as a result she feels that she’s the true version of the man she wanted to marry.

Marriage is very sacred and the institution of marriage is a well respected one. But the modern day feminists are making marriage very unattractive.

Feminism is supposed to champion giving equal opportunities to both men and women, providing a platform where the female can reach her full potential. The man and woman are supposed to compliment each other for the smooth running of the home. But the case is different with these modern day feminists.

Check out Tacha’s post below and let’s see your views. Join the conversation in the comments box below.



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