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Simply Classic! AK Songstress Makes Stylish Nose Masks To Help Stop Covid-19 – Photos

Since the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic, creativity among the people has soared so high, and it’s beginning to look like Covid-19 is a good omen for the people.

Covid-19 has come to change the way things were done to a more innovative and simple way.

Businesses have change the way they operated prior to Covid-19 to a more efficient and effective methods.

Among the things that is very efficient in the fight against the virus is the use of the nose mask. The nose mask obviously is uncomfortable to wear especially for long hours.

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But people are beginning to get very creative in producing those that can be worn with little challenges.

Ghanaian female dancehall artiste, AK Songstress is also out with a customized face masks that look so stylish that majority will be very willing to use them.

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She wore samples and posted pictures of that on her social media pages. She looked all styled up in those photos. People have commended her for such an initiative.

Check out more of the photos below.


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