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Sad: Lady Narrates How GT Bank Fired Her For Denying A Customer Entry For Coming Late

The sad reality of rich people using their wealth to undermine and cause trouble for the poor dawned on one young lady who was then a banker at Guarantee Trust Bank Ghana.

The lady identified by her social media handle as Ara Jaen, wrote on her official Facebook page that she faced her fate of dismissal when she didn’t allow a customer who was one-hour late entry to the banking hall of GT Bank.

Lady narrates how Guarantee Trust Bank Fired her

This act of insisting on the right thing to be done was necessitated by the incessant robbery cases that was visiting banks and other financial institutions around that period of time.

But her actions which was purely in the interest of the bank and also ethically right was her undoing in her job. According to Ara Jaen, there was a meeting between the rich customer and the bank and the meeting produced two resolutions: to either fire the banker or to lose the customer and his money. Apparently, the bank management chose the former.

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Lady narrates how guarantee trust bank fired her

Read below Ara Jaen’s narration unedited.

“People see this picture and assume I am some lucky girl chilling and having fun. But no! I took this pic amidst pain,sadness ,depression, contemplating suicide.I was battling emotional trauma. A doctor even recommended that I see a psychiatrist, then my job Guaranty Trust Bank – Ghana fired me for not letting a customer into the bank after closing hours. So many bank robberies and I had thought the bank was supposed to take extreme precautions. But in this world “money talks and bullsh!t works”.I was fired because a customer “supposed millionaire” said I didn’t let him into the banking premises 1hour after the bank had closed so I should be fired or he withdraws all his money. And just like that.. I was fired. Sad how at this time when people are barely getting 3square meals a day, the rich feels like it’s ok to take someone’s means of livelihood just to prove a point.
“The long and short of this write up✍️ is .. be nice 😊. U don’t know how much ur kind words can be of help to people. Have a nice day y’all.”

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