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Reno Omokri Writes About How You Should Never Force Love

Reno Omokri

The most complex topic in the world currently is one that has something to do with love.

Having two hearts connecting and making the owners of these two hearts having some deep feelings for each other is now a rare and in some case a conditional one.

Some people have given their all into loving others only to realize at the end that those they love don’t have such feelings towards them.

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It’s demeaning and time wasting but one cannot stop loving because of a disappointment. There’s always someone for everybody.

Nigerian author, Reno Omokri is advising people searching for genuine love never to make the mistake of trying to force people and convince them to love them.

He wrote on his twitter handle that love is like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces will fit perfectly if they’re right but you can’t force them to fit when they’re not.

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His tweet reads, “Dont force love. Love is like a jigsaw puzzle. If the pieces are right, they will fit. No matter how you force it, you cant make wrong pieces fit in a jigsaw puzzle. God made a person that fits you perfectly. You wont have to force yourself on them”.


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