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Reno Omokri Explains Why A Lady Must Have A Job Before Marriage (Screenshot)

Marriage these days is becoming more interesting to young people. But the majority of the marriages that take place these days hardly stand the test of time.

There are a lot factors that are associated with this bad and unfortunate phenomenon. In fact, there is no one plausible factor to point to as the cause of the marriage problems we see these days.

Many relationship and marriage counselors have tried to explain the reasons but all are not definitive and only serves a portion and not the full.

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But one thing that features prominently is the issue of over reliance on the man to provide everything for the family.

Most women go into marriage without any source of income and are therefore forced to see the husband as the doer of everything in the marriage.

It’s in this light that Nigerian author cum politician, Reno Omokri is advising young women to find a job or a profitable business before going into marriage.

He believes that when a woman is financially sound or has a source of income, she enjoys her marriage than the one without good financial footing.

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He took to his verified twitter handle to share his opinion on this important subject of marriage.

He wrote: “Dear women, It is good to have a business or a job before you marry. Because a woman without an income is more likely to say yes to a man she does not love, and spend the rest of her life existing instead of living. Go into marriage, not bondage”.

Find a screenshot of his post below.


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