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Put Your Wife And Children First Before Any Other Person – Actress, Nkiru Ameh

Nollywood actress, Nkiru Ameh has advised men to put first their wifes and children before any other person in their family.

This advise simply means that even parents should not come in between the husband and his wife and children.

She posted her message on her instagram page where she likened anyone who wants to come first before the wife and children of the man as the devil’s apprentice.

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She argued that prioritizing your family is the sure way of gaining eternal peace in your family.

She further stated that even when there’s the need to severe ties with those family members who wants to come before your wife, you shouldn’t hesitate to do it.

She wrote:

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“This is not rocket science enough of the debates flying around bikonu If you have a beautiful and peaceful union with your partner this should be effortless.

Any family member that expects to come first before a matrimonial partner is a devil’s apprentice period!!!

We all have married siblings and we should know our place and stop complicating things.”


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