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Photos: Top 6 Beautiful Photos Of Tik tok Star Jacklin Mensah

Comedy in Ghana is a male dominated industry just like all other entertainment disciplines in the country. The big names one will mention when it comes to comedy are all makes.

Talk of the likes of Clemento Suarez, Comedian Waris, OB Amponsah, Kalybos and DKB are all men dominating the comedy industry.

But despite the dominance of males in the industry, there are some few females who are doing so well in the industry.

They have been rubbing shoulders with their male counterparts and in some cases even outshine some of them.

One of these outstanding female comedians in the industry is Jacklin Mensah. The young Comedienne was shot to fame in the industry after short videos of her flooded the internet some two years ago.

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She has utilized Chinese owned social media app, Tik tok and has become a very big star on the platform.

She is one of the few Ghanaians who are making it big on Tik tok and has amassed a mammoth following within her shot stint on the app.

Her ability to make light of every trending situation in the country and to give people a good laugh is one that is worth commending.

The popular comedienne, Jacklin Mensah is celebrating her birthday today and we have compiled some stunning photos of her for you.

Her beauty is one of the noticeable qualities that people easily talk about. She is young, beautiful, intelligent, talented and very good at giving people a good laugh to ease the everyday stress.

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She can literally be called a multi-talented person who knows her way in and around her chosen field.

Even though she is not a typical stand up comedian her style is still well appreciated by her fans around the world.

In this time of economic hardships coupled with the Covid-19 pandemic, Jacklin Mensah and her colleagues comes in handy in releasing the stress.

Check out one of her videos below


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