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Photos: Sister Derby Shamefully Displays Her Old Goods Freely On Social Media

Social media has become a tool used by these cheap celebrities who are mostly struggling to keep up with the fake lives that they portray to their fans.

A large chunk of the female celebrities can best be described as glorified prost!tutes who trade their goodies for the fame and cash.

Dating of older men who have the purchasing power has become the order of the day for these people. Their modus operandi is always about displaying their næk3d bodies on social media. They use that as a bait to lure the $3x starved old men to their side.

Like barter trade, they exchange their bodies for the cash that these rich old gees have to offer them.

One celebrity who is approaching menopause but has refused to give up on the way she posts nud3s on social media is Ghanaian singer cum rapper, Deborah Vanessa popularly known as Sister Derby.

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Sister Derby is still single after several failed relationships and probably frustrated because her market has been taken over by young girls. But her fighting spirit is still high as she has decided to remain relevant by hook or crook.

Sister Derby has made it a point to be going almost næk3d on social media in recent times just to cope with the pressure. By the way, nüd!ty is not new to her as it has been her claim to fame for the past years.

But the worrying thing is her age and how she is not leaving any stone unturned in her fight to keep up her place in the slay queendom.

She has taken to social media platform, Instagram to post some photos of her which had just a few linens just to cover some vital organs.

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Reports we are picking up in the media is that, Sister Derby has even decided to join OnlyFans.Com, a platform which is meant for people like her to cash in on their nud3s. It’s alleged that she gets paid a paltry Ghs20 for a month for her nud3s according to the platform’s payment structure.

Sister Derby has endured a frustrating love life ever since she was ditched by rapper, Medikal for Fela Makafui. She has gone back into her coil ever since and little is been heard about her dating life.

The frustration alone is enough to push her into doing some of the shameful things she’s seen doing. Well, she needs to realize that she’s advanced in age and must leave certain things for the younger generation.

Check out her photos below.


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