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Photos: See Why This Photo Of Chinese Illegal Miners Is Trending

The Chinese have invaded about 70% of all African countries including Ghana. They have taken over most aspects of our economy.

The construction industry in particular is dominated by Chinese leaving the indigenous people working as labourers to these Chinese contractors.

In Ghana the Chinese have evaded our mineral sector, excavating and mining all our precious minerals and leaving us with a devastating and life threatening polluted river bodies whiles enriching their country.

This menace known in the Ghanaian parlance as Galamsey has become a very big topic dominating the headlines for the past few years.

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Galamsey has left most of our major water bodies in deplorable states. A campaign to nib the menace in the bud has been reignited in the last couple of weeks forcing government officials to resolve to burn all excavators that are used in perpetrating the menace.

The Chinese undoubtedly are leading the charge in this Galamsey operations as well.

A photo is currently trending on social media where some Chinese are busily pounding Fufu after a hectic Galamsey day.

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Fufu is a stable food in West Africa, especially Ghana and Nigeria and it’s a bit alien to the Chinese culture.

The photo after making its way into social media, has got people making all kind of comments about it.

The only reason that the photo is trending is that, people fear that the Chinese will be hijacking our Fufu from us just like they have done with our mineral deposits.

People are making all kinds of hilarious comments about the photo. Check it out below.


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