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Photos: See How A Headmistress Converts A Shade Under A Neem Tree Into An Office

In Africa, we are faced with a lot of challenges in the economy which has taken a negative toll on the growth of key sectors of development.

The level of poverty in most African countries keep increasing due to the weak economy that the countries are ran under.

The worst areas being affected by this poor performing economies in Africa include, Education, Health and employment.

The area of education seems to be the most affected. Some disturbing photos of a deprived school located in Nigeria has surfaced online.

The school which lacks everything necessary for education is ran under a summer hat constructed by community members.

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The students sit in the open whiles receiving tuition from the few teachers who have agreed to be posted there.

A twitter user with the handle @treatpworld took to the micro blogging platform to share the heart wrenching photos with her followers.

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One thing that caught the attention of social media users is the office of the headmistress of the school.

Her office is practically a shade under a neem tree. This is where she conducts her official duties in the school from.

Most of these scenes are just confirming what the ex-president of America used to say about Africa being a shithole.


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