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Photos: Popular Dancer Shows Her Battered Face From Domestic Violence, Says Bye To Marriage

Congolese dancer Jenny shares her domestic violence story

Popular Congolese dancer, Jenny has shared her horrific experience in the hands of her abusive boyfriend which has pushed her to reconsider her intentions for marriage.

The popular dancer via a long post on her official Instagram page wrote that she’s done with relationships and marriage due to the incessant abuse she has suffered in her previous relationships.

Jenny revealed that she has been a subject of domestic abuse by her partners in her love life but she chose the path of forgiveness thinking that things will get better.

She has also been through all of these and remained silence because she didn’t know what society will say about her. Jenny, just like many women literally succumbed to the societal pressure to endure the routine abuse in the hands of her partners.

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The last straw that broke the Camel’s back for the Congolese dancer, Jenny was the recent one which left one of her eyes badly damaged and swollen beyond recognition.

Congolese dancer Jenny shares her domestic violence story

She shared photos of herself in such a sorry state and detailed her previous ordeals in a lengthy post on her verified Instagram page.

She made it clear that her life does not end with marriage and that the elasticity of her patience was stretched to the last bit and she couldn’t continue any longer. She has literally parked out of that relationship and there are no signs of her returning any moment soon.

It’s however unclear whether she has reported the matter to the appropriate security quarters for action to be taken against the perpetrators. It’s also not in the known whether she will even seek justice in the case as that was also not mentioned in her post.

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But considering the hefty nature of the crime, making a formal complaint to the security services is the prudent way to handle the issue.

Yesterday we reported of a man advising people to leave their abusive partners due to how dangerous living with such characters can be. Well, today this story is a confirmation of the rising cases of domestic violence across Africa and the rest of the world.

Paying attention to the early warning signs is a very good way of curbing the domestic violence situation which is on the ascendency in recent times.


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