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Photos: Kidney Donor Writes Heartwarming Letter To Patient He Donated TO

Good people truly still exist! In life the only time that the faith of people is truly tested is when they’re in dire need of something, especially good health.

There are a lot of times that people die because they couldn’t get the people who will be willing to sacrifice one of their organs for them to survive.

Kidney failure is one of the most scariest and most expensive disease in terms of treatment in recent years. The cost of treatment includes operating on both the donor and recipient. These two and their caretakers have to be transported via flight to distant places where they can meet experts for the kidney transplant to be done. This is largely due to the inadequate health personnels who are experts in that field.

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In many instances, the patients don’t get those who are willing to sacrifice a kidney for them to survive. This is truly the biggest hurdle for patients with kidney failure in their quest to correct the problem.

But some anonymous person has done the most in this regard and has got a lot of people talking. This anonymous person donated a kidney to a patient willfully and had the heart to write a letter to the recipient, encouraging him to get well soon.

The letter which was sighted by this portal didn’t give much details about the donor and the recipient but the content is enough to melt the hearts of many.

The donor’s heartwarming letter reads: “Dear kidney recipient, I just want to give you a letter of well wishes. I hope this kidney makes a great difference in your life. I pray you will have a speedy recovery many years of success with this kidney.

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“I have been able to be very active all my life and I am blessed with medical problems. You are getting a very healthy kidney. It truly is a blessing and a pleasure to help you in your road to better health. Best, Kidney Donor”.

Many social media users have hailed the kindness and benevolence of the donor with some vowing to emulate the donor’s good example. After all what is the essence of knowing someone if you can’t help them when they’re in need and you have the capacity to help?

Truly, GOOD people still EXIST!

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