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Photos: JHS Boy Creates A Bluetooth Speaker Using Waste Products

Creativity has no limit as long as there’s a right avenue and resources available for one to explore all aspects of his creative mind.

All the breakthrough innovations that we use today are as a result of deep thinking, supported by the right environment.

It’s always said that most school children in Asian countries such as Japan, China and Korea are more into creating at a tender age as compared to countries in Africa such as Ghana.

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Ghanaian students are creative, there’s no debate about that. The only thing the Ghanaian student needs to be able to compete globally is the right environment and the needed support.

One young boy who is still a Junior high school pupil has been trending on social media for his creative thinking skills.

The boy whose identity is not readily available to this portal was able to make a bluetooth speaker using virtually waste materials.

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The boy used old jerrycan and speakers with the help of some knowledge in how electric current flows, he was able to create the speaker with a bluetooth sensor.

Many have hailed his ability to create something out of nothing and encouraged him to keep up with the good work. Others also lamented that the system may force him to not being able to realize his full potential.

See some photos below.


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