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Photos: Destiny Etiko Gets A New Tattoo That Has Become The Talk Of Town

Decorating the body with tattoos is a practice that is ubiquitous now unlike in the distant past.

Irrespective of race, people just feel good having one or two tattoos on their body.

Some historians have traced the origin of tattoos to slavery where slaves were given marks for identification purposes.

However, we can’t corroborate that piece of history as we are still making frantic efforts at unraveling the history behind tattoos.

However, some religious doctrines have strict rules against tattoo wearing. Adherents of such religious sects are barred from having a tattoo.

Most celebrities around the world are noted for having lots of tattoos. Some people even have tattoos all over their entire body whiles others just can cope with only one.

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Tattoos is a form of communication, if you ask me. It sends out information or a message to the public.

In other words, whenever you see a tattoo on someone’s body, there’s a story or a meaning to it.

Curvy Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has gotten one tattoo that is currently the talk of town.

Her tattoo, which she flaunted on her social media pages captures a very profound message.

It’s the message that the tattoo conveys that has got social media talking.

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The tattoo is a full sentence that is seen as an advice to many of her followers.

It elaborates on the fact that life is really short and people must live freely devoid of holding grudges.

The tattoo reads: “Life is short break the rules FORGIVE quickly kiss slowly, LOVE truly, LAUGH uncontrollably and NEVER REGRET anything that made you SMILE”.

It’s still unclear which part of her body the tattoo is located. Is that even important for now? I don’t think so.

The message is enough!


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