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Photos: 5 Female Celebrities Who Look Gorgeous In Hijab

Beautiful celebrities in hijab

The long garment that Muslim ladies do wear to cover their body as enshrined in the Islamic doctrines is what we mostly referred to as Hijab.

The term has been corrupted a bit, as many people begin paying attention to it. In reality, hijab is the long garment worn by Muslim ladies, and it covers the entire body leaving only the eyeballs. Ideally, this is how a hijab should be.

But recently, headscarf or veil has been mistakenly referred to as hijab. Even though, like stated earlier, headscarf is not a hijab. For the purpose of this article, let’s just loosely use the headscarf as the hijab.

We have compiled a list of the top five most gorgeous celebrities who look even more stunning in hijabs or headscarves. Among the list of celebrity women that we have, only one is a practicing Muslim. The others just wore the hijab for a specific purpose. Without much Ado, let’s jump into the list.

1. Akuapem Poloo

Beautiful celebrities in hijab

She doesn’t need any further introduction: does she? Akuapem Poloo, born Rosemond Alade is a Ghanaian actress and an inconsistent musician and also a social media celebrity. She has made a lot of headlines in the past and the most highlighting one of all is when she str!pped in front of her underage boy to take a photo for the boy’s birthday celebration.

This led her into having a tussle with the laws of the country. She was finally convincted in the case. In this photo of her, she wore the hijab and her beautiful face was given a lot of attention. She posted it on her Instagram page last year in May when the Eid festival was been observed.

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She looked absolutely stunning in the photo and a lot of people gave her deserving accolades. That photo was just a direct opposite of her usual self.

2. Nkechi Blessing Sunday

Beautiful celebrities in hijab

Number two on our list is Nkechi Blessing Sunday, a Nollywood actress. Nkechi Blessing is one other female celebrities who has found a home on social media where she posts on a daily and also promotes brands at a fee to earn a living.

Her acting career is shy of being described as glamorous but she has managed to pull the strings to still stay relevant even when she is not casted in a movie. She occasionally vacations at exotic places including Dubai.

She also looked absolutely gorgeous in her hijab even though she’s not a practicing Muslim. Her beautiful face shone brightly through the headscarf. The photo truly deserves a place in this list and rightly so, it is here.

3. Juliet Ibrahim

Beautiful celebrities in hijab

Born to a Lebanese father and a Ghanaian mother, Juliet Ibrahim took the movie industry by storm some few years ago. She was literally the right one when it came to sets that required a beautiful face.

Even though she’s partially an Arab, she’s not a practicing Muslim as most Arabs. But blood is thicker than water, isn’t it? She occasionally reminds herself of her Arabian roots and puts on the headscarf beautifully.

This photo we have here is just one of such rare occasions. She is beautiful in all sense of the word and the headscarf just added some little glow to her already stunning face.

4. Regina Daniels

Beautiful celebrities in hijab

This lady, perhaps is one of the most successful movie stars in the Nollywood industry. She burst into the limelight as a kid. She commanded every role that was given her effortlessly and she rose through the ranks, thanks to hard work and her talent.

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She is very pretty, I must add that. Her marriage to Nigerian billionaire, Ned Nwoko made the headlines some three years ago when she was still a teenager.

Their marriage brought forth a baby boy, Munir Ned Nwoko. Regina Daniels recently wore a headscarf that made her glitter like gold in the presence of light. The photo certainly is one of her most liked on Instagram.

5. Surraiya

Little is known about this model and actress who is shattering the ceilings in Ethiopia with her complete figure. Surraiya, unlike her colleagues in this list, is a practicing Muslim who goes everywhere with the Islamic values.

She is so voluptuous and has a fine face to complete her hourglass shape. Surraiya is definitely bringing the competition on and those in the entertainment industry should brace themselves for what is ahead of them.

She wears the headscarf and the hijab proper mostly and we didn’t have much headache digging for her beautiful self in a hijab.

There you have it! These are our top five picks for the female celebrities who look very beautiful when they’re wearing the headscarf. We will keep updating the list as and when we discover more.


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