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Pastor Mike Davids Threatens To Reveal Dirty Secrets About Apostle Suleman – Watch

There’s currently a fierce battle between two friends turned enemies who are both servants at the pulpit.

The two pulpit hustlers, Pastor Mike Davids, formerly of Omega Fire Ministries and his former boss, Apostle Johnson Suleman are fighting dirty on social media.

Pastor Mike Davids accused Apostle Johnson Suleman of sleeping with his wife and calling him to threaten him against bringing the issue to the public domain.

Apostle Johnson Suleman replied to a video that was made by his former colleague at OFM and confirmed that the voice in the audio which was in circulation was actually his but the person he was talking to wasn’t Pastor Mike Davids.

Well, Mike Davids is back with more interesting revelations. He revealed that his accounts have been frozen by apparatchiks of apostle Johnson Suleman and he’s also sending police to arrest him.

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He gave him 48-hour ultimatum to unfreeze his accounts or else he will tell the whole world how he got Stephanie Tobo impregnated but they forced her to come and confess that she lied.

Stephanie in 2018 accused Apostle Johnson Suleman of impregnating her and refusing to accept responsibility.

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She later apologized under duress according to pastor Mike Davids. Stephanie said she was paid huge sums of money by politicians and other pastors to destroy his name.

But pastor Mike Davids who said he was part of the team that convinced Stephanie to drop the charges against him promised to tell the whole world the truth if apostle Suleman doesn’t stop harassing him.

Watch the video below.


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