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Never Trust A Man With A Shaved D!ck – Lady Explains Why

Everyday on the internet comes with its own discoveries and absurdities.

The rate at which many people jump online to shove their weird ideas down the throats of many is mind blowing.

For hygiene sake, it’s advised that men and women should keep their pubic hair shaved or trimmed as short as possible.

This has been the norm for a couple of decades running into centuries now. Those who don’t follow this simple rule are considered weak when it comes to maintaining personal hygiene.

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A lady has however challenged this long held custom by making a very damning statement about men who keep their private parts well shaved.

According to the lady who is identified as Cynthia with the user name @lykcynthia, men with shaved private parts are never to be trusted.

She went further to state that such men are promiscuous – a reason why they always keep that area neat.

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She tweeted, “Never trust a man who keep his d!ck shaved. A shaved d!ck is a busy d!ck”.

Many of her followers have however rejected her assertion. Some are of the view that keeping that area of your body shaved is a matter of personal hygiene and has nothing to do with promiscuity.


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