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“Never Beg People To Stay In Your Life, Genuine People Will Never Make You An Option” – Xandy Kamel

Ghanaian actress, Xandy Kamel has turned to a motivational speaker, dropping nutgets for her followers on social media, every now and then.

The actress cum TV presenter has literally become a philosopher after going through a fair amount of life’s disappointments and tribulations.

She’s taken to her Instagram page to once again drop a soul lifting nutget for her followers.

The beautiful actress instructed her followers never to beg people to stay in their lifes because genuine people who love them genuinely will never make them an option.

She further advise that, her followers should be able to read between the lines and be able to detect the fake love from their fake friends.

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She shared a photo of herself on social media with the caption: “Never beg people to stay in your life, genuine people who know your worth and loves you genuinely will never make u an option please don’t be deceived by THIER acting 😅 make a firm decision and live your life na DEPRESSION AND BP IS REAL ✌”


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