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My Pastor Told Me I Have S€duction Spirit – Lady Recounts Her Ordeal In A Church

The church is supposed to be a sacred place purposely meant for worship and correcting souls that are in the wrong path.

The church has played this role perfectly for centuries and has established itself as an authority in leading people to salvation.

But in recent times, the church is fast losing grips of this enviable achievement it chalked over many years of resilience and hard work.

The happenings in most churches have brought the name of the place of worship into disrepute and many have questioned the morality of the christian society.

One lady has taken to micro blogging platform twitter to recount her ordeal with a pastor who wanted to have s£x with her through the most ridiculous means.

The lady narrates in a long thread that her one time best friend invited her to worship at her church and she agreed.

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When she got to the church the first day, the pastor told her she had some devil spirit of sedu*tion in her and he needed to exorcised those spirits.

According to her, she was led to a room where she booked a prayer session with the pastor at a fee of N5,000.

The pastor later called her to meet him at a hotel room for prayers. She was also instructed by the pastor to come along with some fruits to feed “daddy” for an enormous blessings.

The pastor, in his attempt to convince her to come over told her that she has nice b00bs and her height was also something he could do anything for.

It was at this junction that she realized the true intentions of the pastor and told her friend about it. The friend replied that she shouldn’t be judging pastors and men of God because no one is perfect.

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This reply she got from her friend made her to cut ties with the friend and her fake pastor. You can read more from the thread below.


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