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Movie Producers Have Refused To Work With Me After I Came Out As G@y – Actor Reveals

Africa is one continent that people cannot freely express themselves or stay true to themselves without being vilified. Many will use you as a scapegoat just to prevent others from towing your line when you’re bold enough to challenge the status quo.

Africans are so passionate about religion and s£xu@lity to the extent that you can lose your life in some jurisdictions if you boldly come out as the opposite of what they hold dear.

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Nollywood actor, Uche Maduagwu is the latest to suffer such vilification in the hands of movie producers when he came out as g@y some weeks ago.

He revealed in an instagram post that, some movie producers have refused to work with him after he boldly declared himself as a g@y.

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But he seems undaunted about the treatment he’s receiving from his industry colleagues and continue to live his life the way that makes him happy.

Check out his post below.


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