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Money Is Not The Root Of Evil, Not Having It Is – Peruzzi

A member of the thirty billion gang – 30BG, Peruzzi is of the view that contrary to the popular believe that money is the root of evil, it is actually not true.

Peruzzi in a tweet on his official Twitter handle sent out his message clearly without mincing words. He tweeted, “Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil. Not Having It Is.”

It’s a popular saying especially in Africa that money is the root of all evil in this world. Believers in this statement feel that majority of the crimes are committed in the name money.

But there is currently a wave of change of thought about money that is currently blowing across Africa. This new wave is reorienting the average African’s mind concerning money.

It states that money is actually not the cause of evil but not having the money is actually the big problem. The people who go to rob and do all other forms of bad deeds to get money are doing so because they’re poor and want to survive.

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The rich are hardly involved in crimes that can match those that are committed by the poor. So, Peruzzi and this new generation of thinkers are pushing the argument that not having money is actually the root of all evil and not money.

Peruzzi is one of the mid-table players in the Nigerian music league. Signed onto Davido’s DMW record label, the artiste has managed some smash hits in the music industry, making him one of the popular names in West Africa.

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Peruzzi has been showing his gratitude to Davido for giving him such a life changing opportunity to work with him. Davido himself, has been one of the most generous artistes who has helped the career of most upcoming musicians in Nigeria.

He has put a lot of them in the limelight and Peruzzi is just one of them.


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