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Mix Master Garzy Gives Reasons Why The Parents Of The Kasoa Teenage R!tual!sts Should Be Blamed

Ghanaians woke up last week Saturday to the sad story of two teenagers k!ll!ng their colleague for the purposes of money r!tuals.

The news made its way into the mainstream media and social media sparking a wave of outrage across board.

Many people are pointing accusing fingers at those spiritualists who normally flood our television and radio stations in the country, advertising some get-rich-quick schemes.

A movement has started on social media to get the mallams and pastors off the media space to protect the sanctity of the upcoming generation.

In the midst of the growing calls to take the so-called spiritualists off the media, music producer, Mix Master Garzy is putting the blame on parents of the culprits.

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He’s of the view that the parents didn’t raise their children well, that is why they can easily be lured into commiting such a heinous crime.

He therefore advised parents to take very good care of their children and instill discipline in them.

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He tweeted, “Some how some how. We all need to know charity begins at home. Even tho those Money ritual and co advertise on tv, we have to know a good upbringing from home will end you the right way. Where are the parents of those boys. How are they trained home? We have to also consider.”


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