Home Social Buzz “Men And Women Lie The Most During S.ex” – Efia Odo Claims

“Men And Women Lie The Most During S.ex” – Efia Odo Claims

Controversial Ghanaian socialite, Efia Odo has discovered the period which men and women lie the most in their lives.

According to the activist, men and women tend to lie more when they are having s3xual intercourse. At the peak of everything, she said, is the time that all the lies are been told to each other.

Her statement hasn’t gone without some scrutiny as many of her followers wanted clarification as to whether she is generally making a statement or she was asking a question.

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Others also praised her for getting the issue spot on and her unbiased way of presenting the issue endeared her to her followers.

Though it’s not scientifically proven, the tendency to tell a lie during s.ex is quite high. Reasons for this are not in the known yet. Many men are on record to have made a number of unattainable promises to their wives or even girlfriends during intercourse.

Others have also been faking org@sms in order to make their partners feel good during the act. This is more prevalent in women as they always struggle to get to the peak of s3xual ecstasy. They pretend because they don’t want their partners to feel that they haven’t been able to make them reach orgasm.

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All these and more have culminated into the verdict that Efia Odo is giving out today. What is your take on this controversial topic? Let us know your views via the comments section below.


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