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Meet This Cute Rasta Girl Making A Good Case For Rastafarianism – Photos

Rastafarianism can be traced to Africa and for that matter the black race. Africans with their kinky hair makes it very easy for them to have their hair forming dreadlocks naturally when it is left unkempt for sometime.

In history, it is believed that people’s hair were left to form dreadlocks due to the lack of combs and other hair grooming equipment available at the time.

There’s also the slavery point of narration where it’s said that slaves who were bought from Africa were denied access to a comb to properly groom their hair.

Dreadlocks is also associated with the religion called, Rastafarianism. Most adherents to this religion have dreadlocks popularly known as Rasta hair.

Quite apat from the two, most of the youth today wear dreadlocks as fashion and in fact, it’s becoming the new fashion trend.

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Most people have a prejudiced mindset about people with Rasta hair. They think of them as criminals and doesn’t like associating with them.

There was that standoff case between Achimota senior high school and the rastafarian student where the school demanded he cut down the hair before he could be offered admission despite being placed in the school.

One girl on social media identified as Klara Kalu of Nigerian roots is making a good case for Rasta with the way she unapologetically wear hair rasta hair to the admiration of all.

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The beautiful young lady is a writer, a model and a social media influencer who has a mammoth following on Instagram.

Her calm nature and how beautiful she looks in her hair is what is pushing a lot of young girls into grooming their hair to form dreadlocks.

Some girls have actually confessed to having been inspired by her confidence to rock her hair without any problem.

Klara has redefined Rasta hair and many have started questioning their stance on the delicate matter of Rastafarianism.

Check out some more photos of her below.


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