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Meet Nelson Boateng The Ghanaian Who Converts Plastic Waste Into Building Materials – Photos

Among all the problems that the country Ghana is battling, the issue of poor sanitation is one of the biggest. In fact, the country is one of the most dirtiest in Africa and the world at large.

Plastic waste has proven to be a major canker in the urban and suburban areas of the country. These plastic wastes have caused a lot of problems for the people economically and even health-wise.

The plastics are washed ashore by rain water thereby posing a bigger threat to even aquatic life. Fishermen have been catching plastic bottles lately instead of fish when they go to the sea for fishing.

Another deadly problem that the issue of plastic waste pose to the people of Ghana is the regular flooding as a result of choked gutters. Almost every year, some people have to lose their lives and personal belongings to floods in the major cities of Accra and Kumasi.

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It’s quite predictable and it happens annually without failing. Authorities have tried to avert the unfortunate situation but to no avail.

But one young Ghanaian who goes by the name, Nelson Boateng is bringing his innovative mine to bare in the fight against plastic waste in the country. This young hardworking Ghanaian has developed his own machine that transforms the waste into building materials.

The machine also turns some of them into pavement blocks used for construction purposes. When the issue of Nelson Boateng’s innovation was first leaked into the media, many doubted the story. But as we keep digging more into the activities of this creative person, the story is becoming more clearer.

Images of houses built with his transformed plastic waste building materials were posted on social media by Wode Maya, a Ghanaian YouTuber who has been posting positive images and stories about Africa.

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Many have now believed that this genius, Nelson Boateng is truly blessed and needs the support of all especially the politicians. If he gets the support, he can expand his business which will serve us a lot of good. First, it will provide employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth and secondly, it can solve the sanitation problem that has to do with plastic waste.

“Nelson Boateng a young Ghanaian who built his own machines to mould recycle waste into building materials & pavement blocks.The house behind us was built with recycled waste plastics!This genius deserves a RETWEET”, Wode Maya captioned the photos.


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