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Marry A Man Who Won’t Make You Suffer – Life Coach Advises Girls

When it comes to relationship, there are a lot of people who pride themselves in having the knowledge about the ins and outs of the very delicate topic of relationship and marriage though few can actually prove it.

A lot have given tips on how girls can get the right partners to marry. Same can be said about those giving guys clues to finding the right female partner.

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It’s alleged that majority of girls of today are only running after money and not just relationship. The issue of gender roles have also been subject of debate for many years now.

Relationship and life coach, Solomon Buchi has given an advice to girls to choose a man who will not see them as donkeys in their matrimonial homes.

He took to Twitter to write that girls should marry men who won’t make them suffer in the name of virtues.

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He tweeted: “Marry a man that won’t want to make you suffer. I mean, a man who doesn’t glorify suffering in the name of virtue; a man who loves comfort and ease; a man who’s open to outsourcing. Again, marry a man who understands you’re not a donkey(even donkeys deserve rest and ease)”


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