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Man Invites His GF Under The Guise Of Engagement Only To Breakup With Her – Photos

There are many ways of k!lling a cat; our elders say. This statement is applied to every situation where you have to employ unconventional methods to get what you want.

The practice is ubiquitous in all our social life and even extends to the working environment and relationships.

In a relationship for instance, the two anticipated results will be marriage or break up. The former is the preferred for most people especially ladies in relationships.

But in most cases it doesn’t turn out to be the case. Breakups usually come knocking on their romantic door after a couple of days, weeks, months or even years of dating.

Heart breaks from breakups can be an excruciating experience for anyone affected. Many have lost their sanity through heart breaks.

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The big hurdle in relationships lies at the junction of breakups. How to go about it to effect minimal heart break to the other partner who still wants to hold is always a big problem.

Like the prelude to this piece stated: there are many ways of k!lling a cat! Lol. Indeed there are 1001 ways of terminating the life of the poor pet.

A young man is trending on social media for the strategy he adopted in breaking up with his girlfriend. Weird of it all is that he broke up with his current girlfriend to marry his ex-girlfriend.

In the lady’s friend’s narration, her best friend was invited over for an engagement ceremony by her boyfriend. The two even discussed the size and type of ring to buy for the occasion.

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On their part, the lady and her friend made sure they got her all the good things to make her look presentable on the day. They even fixed her some artificial nails (claws, I call them) to make the fingers attractive for the ring.

They arrived at the venue on the faithful day only for the boyfriend to announce the breakup with her to the audience present.

The lady was then left heartbroken and couldn’t come to terms with the fact that her boyfriend tricked her into the worst humiliation of her life.

Find a screenshot of her narration below.


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