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Man Dumps Girlfriend For Demanding Expensive Wedding

A man has called his marriage with his long time girlfriend off after she persistently insisted that they organize a mega wedding.

According to a Twitter user with the name Okenwa Okodu, the boyfriend who is still not financially stable wanted to marry his 29 years old lover but had to cancel it due to her extravagant demands.

“Nna ehh, some ladies are just something else, she’s 29yrs yet want a very loud wedding but won’t bring a dime, your man told you there’s life after wedding but No, she wants 20 asoebi girls and bill on the man”, he tweeted.

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The issue of expensive marriages has prevented a lot of people from going into the institution of marriage. Today’s ladies are so obsessed with big parties to the detriment of their future in their marital homes.

Many men who fail to stand their ground when they’re faced with this end up incurring debts just to satisfy the woman. It’s always in the interest of the man to be able to say no when the answer is really no.

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