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Man Buys Church And Evicts Members For Noise Pollution

A wealthy man has done the unthinkable by purchasing a church building just to have his peace of mind.

A social media user with the handle, @MrOdanz  took to twitter to narrate how the issue happened.

According to him the church was causing the neighborhood a lot of discomfort with their midnight and early morning worship which was characterized by noise making.

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After several appeals to get them reduce their noise to accommodate the diverse groups living in the area proved futile, the rich man stepped in to salvage the situation.

A wealthy man around the neighborhood allegedly bought the church property and evicted the church members, saving the neighborhood from noise pollution.

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His tweet reads: “There used to be a church located somewhere across my street that torment residents with noise/prayers. The man living on the other side of their fence bought their property last month and evicted them. This was after several efforts to get them to reduce their noise. God is good.”


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