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Man, 75 Who Def!led 6-Year-old Girl Gets Life Imprisonment Sentence

A Kenyan identified as Wilson Motunde Enima, 75, has been handed a life imprisonment sentence after he was found guilty of def!ling a 6-year-old neighbor’s daughter.

Mr Wilson was handed the sentence by senior principal magistrate Esther Bhoke at the Kibera law court in Nairobi after he was convicted for the offence on Thursday, April 14.

The incident happened about five years ago when the victim went into Enima’s home when her mother was outside washing clothes in Lindi, Kibera.

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She went into the house after school and about 30 minutes when her mother was not seeing her she started looking for her.

When she peeped into Enima’s house, she saw him with her daughter.

The daughter denied that nothing had happened but after some few days when her mother was bathing her, she discovered some foul smell coming from her private part.

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It was at this moment that the little girl opened up and said the 75-year-old man had def!led her three times.

She was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. After she was discharged, the matter was then reported to the Kilimani police station.



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