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Lydia Forson Explains Why Arresting People Without Masks Is Wrong

Ace Ghanaian thespian, Lydia Forson has spoken some sense to her followers on why she thinks it’s not fair to keep arresting people without masks.

The second wave of the Covid-19 is hitting countries harder and the spread in Ghana is simply astronomical.

The president directed the law enforcement agencies in his latest address to the nation, to enforce to the latter the directive of compulsory face mask wearing in a bid to curb the spread of the virus.

The police together with other security operatives have made some arrests across the country and reports are that, in two days, about 500 people have been arrested in this regard.

Lydia Forson in a tweet, noted that there are some people who deliberately refuse to wear the mask but there are others too who just can’t afford.

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She explained that most people may think that the mask is only Gh¢ 1 because of their privileges but to some people they have to choose between a meal and a mask.

She tweeted: “There are people who don’t care enough to wear nose masks and others who just can’t afford it. It’s easy to think it’s just ONE cedi because of your privilege, but for some it’s having to chose between a meal and a mask.”


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