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Let Your Girl Go If You Can’t Buy Her iPhone 12 And Bone Straight Hair – Man Says

The issue of materialism in relationships is going overboard in a rather supersonic speed in the 21st century.

Ladies consider the depth of one’s pocket and how fat his bank account is before saying yes to their love proposals.

The lust for material things such as expensive phones and designer wears is rather worsening the situation, though they have no real value to their owners.

As Valentine approaches, there has been a conversation around how girls should be treated by their boyfriends on the faithful day of 14th February.

Celebrated Nigerian rapper, Erigga has passed a very controversial statement in this regard. He’s of the view that, any man who can’t afford to buy his girlfriend iPhone 12 and bone straight hair should please let her go and look for true love elsewhere.

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His post has illicited a wild uproar from the men side – some of which might be executives of the Stingy Men Associations in Africa.

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Most of them did not take lightly to his comment at all. Check out his tweet and some reactions below.



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