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Lady Recounts How She Infected Close To 200 People With HIV

Getting infected with STIs is one of the easiest things these days if care is not taken. One must be very careful in your relationships if you actually want to stay safe.

There are a lot of people who are bitter about how they got infected and are bent on infecting others as a revenge.

Even though majority of the STIs can be treated, one that still remains a mystery is HIV/AIDS. It has still remained a disease that has no cure.

Those who get infected with HIV get so emotional due to the fact that they know they can’t survive it.

One lady has taken to micro blogging platform, Twitter to announce how she got infected with HIV/AIDS from a friend of his brother at age 18. She tested positive later and took a decision to also spread it to others including females.

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She wrote that since 2017, she has infected about 115 boys and 19 girls in her infection adventure. She revealed that she’s still in the business of sharing the disease as she’s not ready to d!e alone.

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Going by the Twitter handle, @The_afropolite she poured her heart out on why she is not going to back down on her resolve to seek revenge.

@The_afropolite wrote on her Twitter handle, “I got infected by my brother’s best man in 2016 when I was just 18. He was the first & only guy I had sex wit till I turned 20. Since Dec 2017 I tested positive, I made it my mission to give to others what was given to me, without condom. About 115 guys & 19 girls now & counting.”


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