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Lady Narrates How She Lost Her Phone To A Driver Who Gave Her Free Ride (Photos)

They say free things are expensive and this statement seems to be the undiluted truth about life.

A lady is on twitter crying for help after her phone was expertly snatched from her by a driver after giving her a free ride.

A friend to the lady narrates that her friend was on her way home when a certain driver offered her a free ride to her destination.

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Having being on the road waiting for a car for sometime, she agreed and jumped inside the car.

Upon reaching her destination, the driver requested for her number. According to her, the driver requested that she gives her phone to him so that he can input his number into the girl’s phone.

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After getting hold of the girl’s phone, the driver locked his windows and bolted away with the smartphone.

She took to twitter and wrote; “Another gave a friend of mine, a lift. When she alighted, he asked to input his number on her phone and zoomed off with her phone.”


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