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Lady Narrates How Her Hubby Left Her For The Maid

Brokenheart is real and it’s growing at a very fast rate in modern day relationships.

Infidelity has become the order of the day and either couples engages willfully in the rather shameful act.

One distressed woman has narrated her ordeal regarding brokenheart. Her story is quite shocking but like stated in the prelude to this piece, brokenheart is rampant and has no formula.

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According to her, she got married to her ex-husband for ten years but had to break up because the husband was seeing the maid.

She replied to a tweet by one lady who also complained about her miserable relationship.

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Kadura as she’s known on Twitter wrote: “After 10years of marriage my ex hubby left me for the maid. My dear I almost d.ied, I could even see the maid driving his Benz in town while I was taking my son to school on foot. With time you gonna be okay with”.


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