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Lady Exposed For Lying About Her Profession – Photos

The internet is full of fake people – a reason why it has become a hub for all manner of fraudulent activities to thrive.

People claim to be who they’re not on the internet thereby deceiving and misleading the unsuspecting masses into putting unnecessary pressure on themselves.

One thing is real though! Most of the fakers on the internet are those who want to trend or impress total strangers.

A young beautiful lady has got her a$$ exposed to the public for trying to pull a fraudulent stunt on her followers.

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The followers did due diligence and as result her lying a$$ was badly exposed.

The lady shared some photos of herself nicely dressed and squatting in front of a car to remove the tyre to fix a problem as she sort to portray.

She captioned the photos, “Working as a mechanic, I’ve been able to sustain myself in medical school.”

After a careful examination of the photos, her fakeness became glaring to the public. The clothes she wore were stain-free – something highly unusual of those in the real mechanic profession.

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She has got more than she asked for as she’s been trolled by her followers who have proven to be more intelligent than her.

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