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Lady Explains Why You Shouldn’t Visit Your Partner Unannounced

In relationships these days the likelihood that one is dating someone with multiple $£xual partners is very high. This has caused a lot of relationships to crumble along the line when the cover is blown.

Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowa popularly known as “Official Omoborty” on social media due to her oversized ba¢kside has dished out a relationship advice that will go a long way to help people avoid getting the shock of their lives when they are in a relationship with a promiscuous person.

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In a post on her verified Instagram page, Biodun Okeowa noted that the best way to keep a relationship with someone healthy these days is to never visit them unannounced.

The consequences of this, according to her could be dire. She explained that you could end up being introduced as a carpenter or accounts officer on one of your surprise visits.

She therefore advised that, until you’re officially married to the fellow, you should never visit their homes on their blind side.

She shared a very gorgeous photo of herself with the caption, “No matter how comfortable. you are in your relationship, if you’re not yet confirmed as the wifey or Hubby….never visit your partner unannounced. You will be introduced as a carpenter or account officer one day.”


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