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Lady Explains Why She Stopped Going To Church (Screenshot)

A new wind of awakening is blowing so fast among many people who hitherto were fanatics of the abrahamic religions and many others.

Many people now boldly come out to state their position on religion without fear of victimization and threats from the religious community.

A question was posed on social media platform, facebook which asked followers to state their reasons for leaving the church if they have done that.

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“What made you stop going to church?”, the question reads.

One lady, with the name Leticia Nartey took to the comments section to state emphatically that she no longer goes to church.

Explaining her reasons, she mentioned that, the church was involving a lot of money in the activities of worship. But since she was not working, she couldn’t cope with the monetary demands.

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She also gave another reason that the church also admonished them not to fornicate, something she couldn’t adhere to as well.

We have attached a screenshot of the post below for you.


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