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Lady Explains How Money Can Make Your Girl Loves You More

“Money is not everything”! This line is one of the many used by broke people to console themselves when they’re faced with the reality.

Men in this world are seen as the breadwinners of their various families.

They’re to cater for the basic needs of the family. In this sense, they are expected to work their a$$ off to get the money that will sustain the family.

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But since making money is not a child’s play and very few people actually get to the point where they can really say they’re making money, most poor men are faced with the harsh reality of losing their spouses to rich men.

The reason is simple, no girl; in fact nobody irrespective of gender, likes poverty.

Toke Makinwa, the Nigerian media personality in her series on YouTube, “Toke Moments”, has hit hard on this evergreen topic.

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Toke Makinwa made mentioned that men should move away from the notion that money is not everything.

To her, money is everything and can solve more than half of the world’s problems.

She explained that making money should be the priority of all including women.

Watch the video below.


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