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Lady Arrested For Making False R*pe And Kidnap Claims

A young lady is in the grips of law enforcers after she made false kidnap and r@pe allegations on her Twitter handle.

The lady who is identified as Toyosi tweeted earlier that she was been kidnapped and r@ped repeatedly and she needed help.

She showed the location where this alleged unfortunate incident was happening.

She tweeted: “I’m being kidnapped guys. I’m being r.aped. Number 78 Obayan street Pako akoka. Lagos.

This tweet got social media alarmed and her followers began sharing the tweet to seek help for the poor girl.

The police were involved in the entire process. As the pressure to rescue her got intense she deleted the tweet.

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She came back with another tweet to debunk her earlier claims, stating that she was only chasing clout.

Her tweet reads: “I tweeted earlier that I was kidnapped and r.aped. It’s false. I’m so sorry for this. Please stop calling and threatening the numbers.”

People didn’t believe the authenticity of the tweet and thought that she made that tweet under duress.

She later shared a live video to confirm to her followers that she was indeed fine. Her brother also tweeted to debunk her earlier claims.

Later the police had to move in and get her arrested.

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Her arrest was widely published on social media just like her fake claims.

“Toyosi the alarmist, who twitted (sic) today that she is being kidnapped and r.aped, has been arrested by the Lagos state police command. She will be arraigned before a Lagos court, for disturbing public peace.” A tweet confirming her arrest read


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