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Just Because We Want To Survive, We Praise Those Who Make Us Suffer – Erigga Says

Political parties footsoldiers have the most tedious and demeaning work on their hands especially in Africa.

These group of young guys who are mostly hoplessly unemployed make it a point to be singing the praises of their paymasters otherwise known as their political godfathers.

They can go as far as assaulting one another verbally just to defend their masters and get peanuts in return.

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Nigerian rapper, Erigga Newmoney who is known for his tough stance against bad leadership of politicians has highlighted how the people who praise these politician are doing so as a survival mechanism.

He’s of the opinion that, the politicians who make the people suffer get praised because the people actually want to survive. Due to their struggle to survive, they tend to overlook the source of their suffering.

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He took to his Twitter handle to share his message. He wrote, “Just because we want to survive we praise those who make us suffer. WAHALA DEY”.


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