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It’s Useless To Study Law In A Lawless Country – Lady Blasts Nigeria

The people of Nigeria especially the Southern youth are up against a government that they describe as being insensitive and incompetent.

The rising cost of living in the most populous black nation in the world coupled with unprecedented insecurity have made the citizens to be experiencing hell on Earth.

Last year there was a youth uprising to get the SARS unit of the Nigerian police force disbanded after their extra-judicial k!llings reached its zenith.

The struggle continues even after the federal government announced the disbandment of the police unit.

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Just recently there has been some chaos in the southern part of the country where the Igbos and the Yorubas are agitating to break away from the north to form their own country.

The back and forth in this led to Twitter deleting and banning president Muhammadu Buhari from the platform for making war suggestive tweets.

In retaliation, the government has also banned Twitter in the country and the minister of Justice, Malami even suggested prosecution for those who will defy the order to still patronize Twitter in Nigeria.

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All these happenings point to how lawless the West African nation has become in recent times.

In view of this, a concerned citizen has taken to her Twitter handle to share her opinion about studying law in Nigeria.

She said that she will be a clown to be studying law in a lawless country. “Studying law in a lawless country, am I not a clown”, she tweeted.



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