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It’s A Shame To Ask Your Parents For Money At Age 30 – Ani Says

Nollywood actress, Ani Amatosero has opined that it’s a shame for any person at the age of 30 to still ask his or her parents for money.

The actress who has been one of the highly controversial actresses in the Nollywood industry jokingly compared such a person to Covid-19.

She added that Covid at 19 has traveled to all parts of the world but a 30-year old will still be stucked in the same house with his parents and still be asking for money.

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Her statement, though appears harsh,b it’s something that has some level of truth in it. At 30 elsewhere, the person obviously has become a very responsible person taking care of his own family.

The case is different in Africa for some particular reasons. The weak nature of the African economy has denied most able youth the opportunity to act their age in taking up the payment of the bills.

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So it’s very common to find people even exceeding the 30-year mark and still need help from their parents to survive the everyday struggles.


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