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I’m Not Ready To Give Birth When I Marry – Lady Says And Gives Reasons

The real motive behind marriages especially in Africa is procreation. Child birth is so integral in the marriage institution in this part of the world.

Most marriages have being broken due to the inability of the couple to bring forth children. In fact, children are seen as assets worth possessing.

Ladies, especially are always at the receiving end of abuses when there’s a delay in bringing forth children in their marriage.

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Mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws pile pressure on a married woman who goes a year without a pregnancy.

This makes marriage a very daunting task for ladies to go through. But despite the high expectation of child birth in marriage, one lady has made it known that she’s not ready to carry a baby when she gets married.

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The lady who is identified as Faith on Twitter wrote that her husband should be ready to accept adopted children because he’s not ready to carry a child.

She tweeted: “I hope my future husband is okay with adoption because I have no plans of carrying a child”


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