Home Social Buzz I’m 26 And Have slept With Over 30 Guys – Lady Confesses

I’m 26 And Have slept With Over 30 Guys – Lady Confesses

A 26-year old girl has boldly come out to count the number of men she has slept with from the first day her hymen was painfully broken by her first boyfriend.

In a tweet, the bewildered lady opened up about a situation she’s facing in her love life currently and hasn’t been able to figure out the solution or answer to the numerous questions hanging around her mind.

According to the lady, her current boyfriend coerced her to make a damning revelation about her past which has in a way affected her hitherto stable relationship.

She recounted that her boyfriend, in one of their conversations, asked to know how many guys she has dated or slept with in the past before meeting him.

Full of love for the guy or rather f00led by love, she opened up and told him that she has slept with over 30 Guys. This number appeared too big for a 26 years girl and that has sharply changed the boyfriend’s behavior towards her.

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She wrote that her boyfriend has starting acting up and avoiding her at all cost. Her reason for posting her private matter into the public social media domain was to solicit ideas from people to help her decide on what to do to get the attention of the boy back.

She also asked her followers to find out whether the boy is on the verge of dump!ng her. This question majority answered in the affirmative but there were others who also thought she could still save her relationship if she pushed a bit harder.

Her tweet reads: “I am 26 and I have slept with over 30 men to be precise. So recently my boyfriend asked me how many men I slept with in the past I told him he looked shocked since that day he has been acting funny, he no longer communicates well. I’m confused. Does this mean he is tired of me?”.

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A lot of people thought the tweet could just be for social media comments but others also erected valid points to support the fact that some girls have really slept with even a greater number at a relative young age.

The love of money by girls nowadays has really pushed a lot of them into opening their legs widely without recourse to the moral values of the society.

She still needs your advice. Let’s help her with ideas by using the comments box below.


PS: The featured image used for this story is not the lady in question.


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