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If You’re A Witch In Nigeria Right Now, You’re Just Useless – Frustrated Nigerian Fires

They say, when a person is drowning he can even clutch at straws. That is exactly what is happening in Nigeria right now.

What started as a peaceful protest ended up taking away lives of promising Nigerian youth by armed security operatives.

The peaceful protest has witnessed pockets of violence in the last couple of weeks and got to the zenith on Tuesday, October 20 when the Lekki toll gate massacre took place.

The protesters who were looking up to the security to protect them were rather a target for the security. They lost hope in the security services.

They’ve prayed to God for a divine intervention but that seems to be taking a lot of time. A young man has decided to go the African traditional way by inciting the witches of Nigeria against government officials and security personnels.

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In the African traditional belief system, a witch can do anything Including causing harm or death to a targeted person. Nigeria is one of the countries that hold this belief so high.

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They’ve been waiting for the witches to strike but to no avail. They have gone into hiding just like any of the other supernatural powers.

The young Nigerian has branded all witches in Nigeria as very useless for not being able to act at a time the citizens need their services the most.



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