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“If Your Girlfriend Suddenly Becomes Caring, Know That Her “Papano” Lost His Seat” – Moesha Bodoung

Curvy Ghanaian socialite, Moesha Bodoung has taken to her social media pages to advise guys to be careful about a sudden attitudinal change in their girlfriends.

According to the social media celebrity and self-styled actress, when your girlfriend suddenly becomes over-caring, it’s a sign that her sponsor lost his parliamentary seat.

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Most sitting members of parliament lost their seats in the December 7 general election and as a result will not be in the 8th parliament which will be inaugurated on January 7th, next year.

Moesha Bodoung is of the view that, since those MPs will be leaving office, their source of income will now be cut off and as a result, they can’t continue sponsoring their side chicks.

This, according to her, will make the girls to start behaving well towards their broke boyfriends.


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